As a great man once said… “Winter is Coming” (R.I.P. Ned). Winter brings horrible temperatures, whiteouts and dreaded “black ice”. With that comes the ionic compound sodium chloride, better known as road salt.

Each year, more than 50,000 tons of crystal car shine destroyer is used on the 5500 kilometers of roads maintained by the city of Mississauga alone. The roads become safer. Your commute, less stressful. But what you may not know is what this saviour salt is doing to your car. Road salt cause a chemical reaction that can significantly damage and corrode your vehicle.

I know what you’re thinking… Without salt we’ll be slipping and sliding right into the body shops. That’s not what I’m saying…

Don’t procrastinate! Take preventative measures in the late summer / early fall

Have any exposed metal (i.e. scratches, scrapes, paint chips, paint flakes) taken care of before the first snow fall

Have a winter maintenance package performed by your trusted garage

Last, and most importantly, have your car professionally polished and sealed by the technicians at AutoRD

AutoRD uses a long lasting and hard wearing ceramic clear coat sealant for superior resistance to scratching and protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts such as, you guessed it, road salt!

Call me or make an appointment, tell me “Winter is Coming” and I’ll give you $100 off any of our Ceramic Protection Packages

Cam, Out


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