If you’re anything like me, the thought has probably crossed your mind about leasing a new vehicle. I’ve had my eye on a 2017 Ford F250 for a while now. While some people shy away from leasing, it does have advantages.

– Low monthly payments with little to no down payment
– You can drive newer, better cars than you’re used to
– Lower maintenance costs as repairs always fall under warranty
– You get a new car every 2-3 years
– You pay less sales tax

As a business owner, having a leased luxury vehicle provides a good write off and a great way to entertain your clients. Your choice to lease or purchase a vehicle may also come down to personal priorities and tastes rather than finances.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to consider:

– The car isn’t owned at the end of the lease
– Mileage is typically limited to 60,000 kms for the term of the lease
– Lease contracts can be confusing and filled with strange terminology you may not understand

And last, but certainly not least, excessive wear and tear marks, such as scratches, chips and swirl marks can incur nasty charges at the end of the lease.

Many, if not all people have points on their vehicles that bother them and simply don’t know where to go to have them repaired for a reasonable price. AutoRD exists to provide solutions to these damage points on vehicles without breaking the bank. We recondition vehicles to a showroom finish without the use of paint or panel replacement. We provide the best auto paint sealant available.

If you’re ready to take back your car and want to avoid costly repair bills from your dealer, give me a call, say you want the “off-lease” treatment and we’ll give you 25% off any of our restoration packages.

Cam, Out

Source: www.edmunds.com

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