Starting Service Includes:

  • Hand Wash with “Opti-Coat No Rinse or Foam Cannon”
  • Hand Dry
  • Rims Decontaminated and Cleaned
  • Tires Dressed
  • Wheel Wells Washed
  • Door Jams Washed
  • Cracks & Crevices Detailed
  • Interior / Trunk Vacuum
  • Dashboard Disinfected & Protected
  • All Windows Cleaned

Premium Service Add’s:

  • Engine Bay Steam
  • Single Stage Polish
  • Clay Bar Decontamination
  • Paint Sealant
  • Full Extraction or Steam Cleaning
  • Headliner Addressed
  • Fabric or Leather Protection


Starting At $170

Premium Starting At $350


Starting At $190

Premium Starting At $380



Starting At $190

Premium Starting At $380


Starting At $220

Premium Starting At $420


Hand Wash

Don’t let your car be butchered by a machine wash! Give it the spa treatment with a microfiber hand wash and dry.


Clay Bar & Industrial Fall Out Removal

Industrial fallout occurs when small airborne metal particles settle on the surface of your car and bonds to it. They then begin to oxidize, looking very unsightly and if left untreated can damage the paintwork underneath.

Starting @ $150

1 Stage Cut / Polish

Industrial contaminants, acid rain, snow brushes and salt on our Canadian roads all lead to faded and damaged paint. This treatment will bring back the shine and gloss and give your car a new lease on life.

Starting At $200

2 Stage Cut / Polish

Feel like the paint on your car might be over the hill? This treatment is perfect for deeper scratches left from ice scrapers, chemical leaks, and other factors that might need more attention. We start with a deeper cut to level the paint before bringing back the awesome shine and glow then finishing with a paint sealant.

Starting At $350

3 Stage Cut / Polish

For those who are serious about their car! This is one of the best ways to make your car look like it just came off the lot! This 3 stage process will eliminate most deep surface scratches and scuffs, level your paint and return the luster, shine, and depth that your baby might have lost over the years!

Starting At $450

Engine Steam Clean

Whether your selling your car, have a leased car to return or just want to “WOW” your friends when they pop the hood, nothing makes more of a statement than a minty-clean engine bay! We use a high pressure steamer to remove surface dirt and finish with a protectant with your choice of matte finish or shiny. Your call!

Starting At $85

Paint Chip Repair

Stone chips can be a menace to a great paint job and are very noticeable and unattractive. Instead of getting a new paint job that will cost thousands, bring your car by and let us put the paint back where it should be!

Starting At $150

Pet Hair Removal

Got Pet’s?  We love them too but man do they leave a mess behind!  A great additional service to do while your car is being detailed.

Starting @ $50 / Hour

Odour Treatment

Smoke, mould or our beloved pets can leave a car smelling a little…less than desirable. We can help with that. Bring your car by for a Odour Bomb, that will leave your feeling and smelling renewed.

Starting At $110

Rim Repair

Your rims are the centerpiece of your ride and a big investment! Road rash, flaking clear, pitting, and discolouration can all lead to your rims looking dated and unattractive. Book your appointment today and bring them back to life!

Starting At $160 / Rim